Better. Lighter. Stronger.

Transportation manufacturers in the know rely on Paber aluminium.

Paber parts enable transportation manufacturers around the world to provide lightweight and robust aluminum components that withstand hours on the road, on the water, on the rails or in the air. Aluminum parts offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios even under extreme conditions and Paber helps you go the extra mile.
Here are some examples of our latest custom projects that stimulated our creativity in development and enabled us to cast excellence!

Paber 5077

Component for train Bogie
Length : 23'' Height : 12''
Width : 18'' Weight : 77 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :No bake, green sand casting
Heat treatment : T6
Added value : Machined & X-Ray inspection, penetrant liquid inspection

Paber 5095

Component for train suspension
Diameter : 15''
Height : 2.5'' Weight : 16 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :Green sand casting
Heat treatment : T6
Added value: Machined, surface treatment, X-Ray inspection, penetrant liquid, pressure test

Paber 5243

Motor support for bus
Length : 25'' Height : 4''
Width : 7'' Weight : 18 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :No bake
Heat treatment : T6
Added value: Machined and surface treatment

Paber 5201

Length : 23'' Diameter : 9.5''
Height : 3'' Weight : 7.25 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :No bake
Heat treatment : T6
Added value : Machined