Great strength. Great resistance. Great quality.

Paber’s performance engagement.

If you are operating within the industrial sector or with heavy machinery, you know that the mechanical properties of the aluminum components in your equipment can make or break your day. Paber’s wide choice of aluminum alloys helps you get the properties you need and ensures the utmost quality of your parts. Regardless of the complexity or size of your parts, Paber can work with your design team and face the different production challenges on time.
Here are some examples of our latest custom projects that stimulated our creativity in development and enabled us to cast excellence!

gearbox industrial

Gear box casing
Length : 20'' Width : 14''
Height : 8'' Weight : 33 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :No bake
Heat treatment : T6
Added value : Machined, helicoils and leak test


Length : 12'' Width : 13.5''
Height : 6.5'' Weight : 9 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :Permanent mold
Heat treatment : T51
Added value : Machined

piece industriel

Manifold for industrial generator
Length : 76'' Width : 14''
Height : 6'' Weight : 80 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :Casting made from No Bake Sand Process
Heat treatment : T6
Added value : Leak test and X-Ray inspection

robotic part

Air tool
Length : 7'' Width : 6''
Height : 2.5'' Weight : 2 lbs
Alloy : A356
Process :Green sand casting
Heat treatment : T51
Added value : Machined, helicoils, impregnation and leak test